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Keeping you up to date on bullying issues in Canada

5-Year Mentoring Study Highlights the Benefit of Youth Mentors

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada (BBBSC) have released exciting details about their 5-year mentoring study, which highlights the impact of mentoring on young lives. Backed by a $1.7 million dollar grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), this study and its findings will help BBBSC to better inform their mentoring system, leading to more personalized and overall better-quality mentoring. The study suggests that boys and girls with a mentor are better off in academic, social, and emotional domains.


“When the findings of this research are fully understood, we expect that virtually every aspect of how we approach, design and maintain our mentoring relationships will be impacted.”


To read more about the study, its findings, and its implications for the BBBSC program, click here.


Relationships Matter

Loneliness isn't always about being alone.  A blog by PREVNet's Dr. Danielle Quigley.


Healthy development depends on healthy relationships

Dr. Danielle Quigley, Post-doctoral Fellow, PREVNet

Developing the capacity for healthy relationships is essential to healthy development. Building this capacity depends upon positive relationship experiences which create positive expectations, and in turn, skills, competencies and abilities.

Bullying Awareness Week Campaign for Canada

Family Channel kicks off 11th anniversary Stand Up! Campaign for Bullying Awareness Week

Making children and youth aware that they can stand up to bullying is a powerful message, and Family Channel wants them to get involved. Children and youth, educators, parents and all Canadians can show their support against bullying by joining the Stand UP! Campaign—a pledge to not stand by if they see someone being bullied.

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