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In the News

Research Matters Bullying Trivia Contest

Can research stop bullying? It already has. Find out how Ontario research has reduced bullying and enter to win with Research Matters! #StayCurious

New Videos For Parents From MediaSmarts

MediaSmarts has released two new videos for parents just in time for summer. These videos help parents discuss social media use with teens and they cover topics involving excessive use and privacy concerns. 

More Guidance Counsellors Needed in Canada’s Schools to Prevent Cyberbullying

PREVNet partner researcher and former chair of the Nova Scotia Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying, Wayne MacKay discusses the importance of providing school staff to prevent bullying and cyberbullying. 

Dr. Wendy Craig Discusses PREVNet with Kingston MPP

PREVNet's Dr. Wendy Craig discusses the history and progress of the network with Kingston MPP Sophie Kiwala. 

UNICEF Report Reveals Canada’s Poor Ranking for Children’s Well-Being

A recent UNICEF report revealed that Canada ranks poorly among wealthy countries for children’s well-being. This ranking is a combination of many factors including declining mental health, bullying and healthy relationships.

Media Literacy Week 2017 Announced

PREVNet partners MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) have announced their annual Media Literacy Week, to be held November 6-10th. This year’s focus is on diversity and inclusion online for children and teens. 

PREVNet's Partnership Featured as NCE Highlight for 2017

PREVNet’s partnership with SHIFT featured by the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) as one of 10 stories of innovation in Canadian research partnerships. 

Why Bullied Teens Are More Likely to Engage in Substance Use

Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater weighs in on the results of a recent study which found teens who are experiencing bullying are also more likely to smoke, drink and use drugs. 

25 Years Later: Canada's Ratification of the Convention of the Rights of the Child

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children examines how Canada has done 25 years after the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


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