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In the News

Dr. Debra Pepler in the Toronto star

Parents have a key role to play in teaching healthy relationship skills

"Parents can make a difference when it comes to encouraging their children to make healthy relationship choices down the road. These skills don’t develop automatically..."

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PREVNet and the Family Channel promote Bullying Awareness Week

"Family Channel co-founded Bullying Awareness Week in 2003 and developed the Stand UP! campaign in association with PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network), a national network of Canadian researchers, community organizations and governments committed to ending bullying and promoting positive relationships."

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PREVNet Researcher Dr. Shelley Hymel in 24Hrs Vancouver

Accuracy of independent and government bullying surveys questioned

"A new survey on cyber-bullying and its “traditional” counterpart suggests more than half of B.C. teens tell their parents they’ve been bullied, and nearly a quarter say they’ve been cyber-bullied."

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Dr. Wendy Craig in the National Post

Amanda Todd and the greatly exaggerated cyber-bullying plague: Web harassment not on the rise, researcher says.

"When 15-year-old Amanda Todd took her life this month after suffering years of online torment, it sparked an outcry over what was portrayed as a growing scourge. British Columbia Premier Christy Clark raised the possibility of criminalizing cyber-bullying in response to the Port Coquitlam teen’s death."

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Dr. Debra Pepler in the Toronto Observer

"Antonio Virgo used to be a bully. In high school, he would tease others to build himself up, he says. Then it hit him. He stopped bullying once he understood how his actions could lead to very real, very serious consequences, the now 22-year-old Durham College student said."

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Dr. Wendy Craig speaks to CKWSTV

“Bullying Part 2:Have Your Ever Been A Victim of Bullying?"

From - Newswatch Newsroom - Watch the video

PREVNet Researcher Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt speaks to Global News on how Bullying can negatively affect a victim's brain

"Bullying can not only affect a teenager’s everyday life but can negatively affect both their memory and ability to deal with stress in a healthy manner says Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt from the University of Ottawa."

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PREVNet Graduate Student Harrison Oakes

Mentioned in the Winnipeg Free Press - Vigils honour Amanda, condemn harassment

"They lit candles, shared their thoughts and collectively took a quiet stand against the kind of torment that caused a British Columbia teen to take her own life."

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PREVNet Graduate Student Harrison Oakes speaks to CBC Canada

Man. Amanda Todd vigil supports anti-bully message

"A sombre candlelight vigil on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature honours Amanda Todd and other victims of bullying."

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