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Education & Training Success Stories

Here are some recent examples of PREVNet’s impact in education and training. 

Healthy Relationships Training Module (HRTM)

With three partners and PREVNet graduate students, PREVNet co-created the Healthy Relationships Training Module (HRTM). The uptake of the HRTM has transformed at least 50 organizations’ training and policies and has reached 75,000 adults working with over 300,000 children and youth annually. Evaluations of the workshop show significant improvement in attendees’ knowledge and confidence in promoting healthy relationships with youth. Therefore, their professional practice with children will change as a result of their increased knowledge, available tools, and confidence about how to build healthy relationships with children. In addition, HRTM is now part of Big Brothers Big Sisters new training resources, Strong from the Start, in Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Russia. 
“Across Canada, we incorporated portions of the PREVNet Healthy Relationships training into all our prevention education materials. The KMb that was shared, all the research and best practices made its way down to the field, which is where it needs to be. In our training for teachers in bullying prevention we have integrated a module on healthy relationships. These teachers train Youth Facilitators and share information on healthy relationships. We have 3,500 Youth Facilitators who have reached over 260,000 youth with information on bullying prevention and healthy relationships last year.“ Lisa Evanoff, National Training Manager, Canadian Red Cross

Collaboration with Family Channel’s Stand UP! annual bullying awareness campaign

Since 2003, PREVNet has collaborated with Family Channel to deliver the most current bullying research, strategies for prevention, and statistics to approximately 1,900 teachers across Canada through Family Channel’s Stand UP! annual bullying awareness campaign. We expect the impact of this partnership is that these teachers are sharing research-informed strategies to prevent bullying with their students estimated at 57,000.

 "PREVNet’s contributions to the Bullying Awareness Week Stand UP! campaign were an integral part of the features that catapulted the initiative to a new platform of success. The resources, guidance and support they offer Family Channel are invaluable and aid us in our mission to inform, empower and encourage students to take an active role in preventing and stopping bullying. By increasing the number of partners Family worked with this year, we were able to expose more students, teachers and parents to the resources PREVNet provided to us and had a greater impact with our audience, as evidenced by the unprecedented media coverage and resource download rates we experienced.” Jaime Werby, Communications Manager, Kids DHX Media 


PREVNet’s book Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need to Know

PREVNet’s comprehensive new book Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need to Know takes an authoritative, research-based look at bullying and tells parents what they can do to prevent bullying at all age and school levels.  Parents don’t usually turn to scientific papers for help. PREVNet has compiled this invaluable knowledge into an easy-to-use resource for parents.  The book was written by Drs. Craig, Pepler, and Cummings, with contributions from more than a dozen PREVNet graduate students. It explores key myths about bullying and provides age-specific advice on what to do when bullying occurs in pre-school, elementary school, high school, or in the form of cyber-bullying. It is available as an e-book and as a paper book.
Dr. Donald Meichenbaum of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention in Miami, Florida: “The suggested interventions will make schools and homes safer and improve relationship skills…KUDOS.” 
Dr. Susan Swearer, Co-Director of the Bullying Research Network at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, calls the book “a gift for anyone wanting an authoritative, comprehensive and easily accessible guide to dealing with bullying.” It is “informative and practical” and “a must read for educators and parents.” 

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