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Prevention & Intervention Success Stories

Here are some recent examples of PREVNet’s impact in prevention and intervention.

Preventing Violence Stream of the Canadian Best Practices Portal (CBPP)

PREVNet worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to develop the Preventing Violence Stream, an online collection of evidence-based violence prevention programs suitable for schools, community organizations and other users. It is available on PHAC’s Canadian Best Practices Portal (CBPP). 82% of users reported satisfaction with the Preventing Violence Stream and 72% have shared information from the site with others to effect change. 28% indicated that information from the site has influenced the design of their programming and/or policies. This demonstrates that the CBPP is gaining recognition as a key tool to help stakeholders find evidence-based prevention programs. 


Model Bullying Prevention Program for the Ontario Ministry of Education

PREVNet created a Model Bullying Prevention Plan for the Ontario Ministry of Education. It was translated into French and released in January 2013 to all 72 school boards (with nearly 5,000 schools) in Ontario to support them in the development of their own plans. In addition, PREVNet created practical, innovative, high-quality and evidence-based tools and resources to prevent bullying and promote healthy relationships. The impact of this work was summarized as follows:

"Our collaboration has truly been a process to celebrate and the Ministry has benefited tremendously. PREVNet has been able to take the most recent and robust research and translate it so that it can be understood and effectively used by those involved with children and youth in Ontario schools. Similarly, by drawing on evidence and research, PREVNet has provided support to the work of the Ministry to help ensure resources are aligned, focused on proven strategies and implementable solutions to support a safe, inclusive and accepting school environment which is a necessary prerequisite for student success." Marg Connor, Assistant Deputy Minister (A), Leadership and Learning Environment Division, Ontario Ministry of Education 


WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out, and Seek Help) Program for K - Grade 6 students

PREVNet has been a key partner in the dissemination of the WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out, and Seek Help) programs designed to prevent bullying and promote positive relationships for children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. This year more than 136,500 students were involved and almost 1,300 teachers and 160 community leaders took the online training.

Dr Bonnie Leadbeater (WITS Programs Developer and Key Researcher) commented on how things have changed for WITS since beginning the collaboration on the Knowledge Mobilization project with PREVNet. "The WITS programs were pretty well underway in terms of their development and their evaluation when we started with the KM program; we had an evidence-based program. One of the difficulties in Canada and in many countries is ‘okay you have an evidence-based program, but what do you do with it?’. Getting things out, going to scale is a major issue and there’s really no infrastructure in Canada for doing that or to support that, and that is what PREVNet has become for me. It’s the infrastructure, the place that creates partnerships, the place that can create actions to make these evidence-based programs reach the audiences that they could help."


Healthy Relationship Modules available through MyHealth online magazine

PREVNet has partnered with MyHealth, an online magazine for youth, on bullying prevention and healthy relationships modules. Schools subscribe to MyHealth so that teachers and students can read articles, written by youth, on health topics. Last year, MyHealth reached over 200,000 youth and 175,000 teachers throughout Canada and US.



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