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Behind the scenes of our new short film, Heroes Inspire Heroes

We want to encourage kids to behave respectfully, compassionately, and ethically. But how do we do that?

The researchers and partner organizations who comprise PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) work every day to explore this topic and tackle it head-on. With research, programs, and policy, we aim to help young people develop healthy relationships, prevent bullying and harassment, and encourage positive behaviours.

In our new short film, we hone in on one of the main ways adults can promote young people's positive, prosocial behaviours: by being good role models.

In the video, a boy is seen performing helpful behaviours around his community, such as helping a woman who's dropped her groceries. We learn that these simple acts of kindness are being supported by his father, a caring adult who encourages his son to care for others.  

The video concept was developed by our National Youth Advisory Committee, comprised of young leaders from across Canada. Chloe Hudson, Cameron Taheri, and Lindsay Cecile spearheaded the project. 

David Simon of Sandbox Photovideo in Kingston, Ontario, brought their ideas to life, writing and directing the video with a local cast and crew.

"Making this film was an absolute blast,” says David. “We worked closely with PREVNet's Youth Advisory team to craft a story that met our shared vision for the campaign.”

“We filmed in Kingston over two gorgeous weekends at the end of the summer.  Visually, I chose to use mainly telephoto lenses with deep focus to bring our characters and their environments closer together for a more intimate, emotional presence. 

Cameron says that it was an exciting process to participate in the film's development, from a seed of an idea to a finished film. He hopes that parents and other adults will be reminded, when they watch the film, that they have the ability to influence young people's behaviours. "Positive parent role modelling is essential as children can and will imitate almost anything they do," he says.

The message of the film is well supported by the scientific literature. "Decades of research show that young people learn from watching the adults in their lives," says Dr. Wendy Craig, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director and Professor of Psychology at Queen's University. "Parents and other adults have the ability to support young people's healthy social development by modelling kind, helpful, and compassionate behaviours."

filming prevnet psa

Above: Filming the PSA in Kingston, Ontario.


Heroes inspire heroes! Feel free to share this video with an everyday hero in your life!

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