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Petition for National Bullying Prevention Strategy: Please Sign by November 21!

As we wrap up Bullying Awareness Week, PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network), Canada’s authority on research and resources for bullying prevention, commends the various initiatives that have been taking place across the country and internationally to prevent bullying.

In particular, we salute the recent motion of MP Dany Morin (Chicoutimi-LeFjord, NDP), who called for all political parties to develop a national strategy against bullying. PREVNet fully supports moving this bill forward, as we believe that a coordinated national strategy and a public health campaign on bullying prevention in Canada is still needed.

Next week, a motion introduced by Mr. Morin to create a National Bullying Prevention Strategy will be voted on in Parliament. “For the Kids” is a mobilization campaign to inform MPs in the House of Commons and to encourage them to vote in favour of the National Bullying Prevention Strategy.

Join us in a call for action. If you agree with this “For the Kids” initiative, you can sign a petition calling on the Government of Canada to create a special committee to develop a national bullying prevention strategy by adopting motion M-385. Or click here for more information on the campaign or on writing a letter to your MP. 

The vote for the National Bullying Prevention Strategy is scheduled for Wednesday, November 21. With only a short period of time before the vote, PREVNet urges you to contact your MP and sign the petition calling on the Government of Canada to play its role to end bullying.

Why is a national strategy needed?
There are many reasons why a national strategy is still needed in Canada, and should be recognized as a public health issue. Our research has shown us that bullying occurs every seven minutes on the typical school playground. Unhealthy relationships and bullying are a risk factor for a wide range of health issues, including physical and mental health, as well as risk-taking behaviour, according to research from PREVNet and other federal experts. Being bullied is devastating in a child or youth’s life because it undermines his or her strong motivation to belong and be accepted among peers. During childhood and adolescence, peer relationships affect all aspects of development — intellectual, social, emotional, physical, behavioural and moral.

We believe there should be a unified approach to key messages and activities on bullying prevention that are taking place at a national level. PREVNet acknowledges that bullying is a pressing and growing issue for every Canadian today, whether it is the classroom, in the workplace, in day-to-day relationships, or online. Our research, training, tools and resources (online and print) have received international acclaim, and are helping to disseminate evidenced based information, effective practices, and knowledge to the public about the importance of positive, healthy relationships, communication and bullying prevention.

Our path is strong and with a coordinated, unified, federal strategy Canada can soon set a worldwide example for every child, youth, parent and Canadian today. PREVNet (www.prevnet.ca) will actively support this campaign as it moves forward.

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