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Healthy relationships quizzes for youth

What is a healthy peer relationship?

What does it mean to be a good friend?

How can you assertively and fairly resolve conflicts?


To help get youth thinking about these questions, we have put together three quizzes for elementary-aged students. These quizzes were created by PREVNet graduate student Chloe Hudson and PREVNet National Youth Advisory Committee members Charanjot Brar and Joshua Chynces. 


Says Chloe: “These quizzes are a fun and easy way for teachers and parents to start a conversation with youth about healthy relationships.”



The Healthy Relationships quizzes are designed to teach students to identify behaviours that characterize healthy relationships. Specifically, students will learn to recognize the aspects of healthy relationships, including:

  • respect
  • safety
  • trust
  • caring
  • communication
  • independence
  • fun.


Try out the quizzes here


In Quiz 1, best friends Samantha and Nicole navigate broken plans, hurt feelings, and rumour spreading.


In Quiz 2, buddies Dean and Russell play video games and figure out what healthy competition is.


In Quiz 3, new student Adam deals with a variety of situations at recess and in class.


If your class or family tries these quizzes, let us know what you think on Twitter or on our contact page


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