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Heroes Inspire Heroes - Who inspires you?

Earlier this year, we shared our new PSA, "Heroes Inspire Heroes!" In that short film, we shared the message that adults have the power to inspire the young people in their lives through everyday actions.

Now we're asking you, "Who's your hero?" Or, "Who do you hope to inspire?" 

Our Youth Advisory Committee has worked to develop a Camera Effect for Facebook. We invite you to share a photo of someone you hope to encourage to grow up to be kind, generous, and respectful, or someone who inspires you!

To use the filter, you will need the Facebook app. Then, click on this link to get access to the Camera Effect. You can take a photo right away or use a photo you have stored in your phone.

We encourage you to tag us @PREVNet on Facebook or Twitter if you take a photo, or send it directly to someone and tell them how they inspire you!






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