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The #SpreadKindness Youth Town Hall

Our National Youth Advisory Committee (NYAC) is comprised of 13 young people from across Canada who are interested in promoting healthy relationships and preventing bullying. These individuals are leaders in their communities, and over the last year and a half, have graciously contributed their time and creativity to developing our #SpreadKindness campaign.

Last Wednesday, November 15, 2017, the NYAC launched the #SpreadKindness campaign  at a Youth Town Hall, held at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec. The Town Hall was also broadcast on Facebook Live. In case you missed it (or want to relive it!), you can find the video here.

Thank you to all our NYAC members for their hard work and innovative ideas:

  • Charanjot Brar
  • Kaitlyn Dashney
  • Lindsay Cecile
  • Josh Chynces
  • Alison Flett
  • Alex Hilson
  • Amr Saleh
  • Christeen Salik
  • Aqsa Shahbaz
  • Cameron Taheri
  • Michaela Toner
  • Kelvin Tsai
  • Celsie Williams-Bressette

The NYAC did an incredible job of coming up with developing six projects to make up our #SpreadKindness campaign, and of eloquently sharing their ideas at the Youth Town Hall. Thank you also to Senator Marc Gold, Hon. Landon Pearson, and Jessica Smith of Facebook Canada for speaking at the event and for your support of the NYAC's work.

Over the coming months, we'll be rolling out the NYAC's projects so that we can #SpreadKindness all across Canada! For a sneak peek, you can view the video for the six projects the youth committee has planned. You can also find out more on the #SpreadKindness campaign's Instagram page. And below, some photos from the event:



Photos by David Simon, Sandbox Photovideo

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