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Letter to Adults

Need help from an adult?

letter to adults

If you are being bullied, telling an adult is the best way to make it stop, but sometimes writing a letter is easier than explaining things face-to-face. This fill-in-the-blank letter can help you collect your thoughts to share with your teacher, principal, counsellor or coach.

Print a Letter to an Adult

(name of your Principal/Teacher/Counsellor/Coach)
(Enter length of time).
(Check everything that applies).
(describe your feelings here)
(describe ways you have tried to stop the bullying)
(list changes would you like to see)
It is important to me that the bullying stops and I need your help.
I want to meet with you to talk about ideas you have to make the bullying stop and help me get along with my classmates. I am writing you this letter because I hope you can help me feel safe.
(your name)

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