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August 2020

Resources for Coping with Anxiety During Back-to-School

As summer draws to a close and youth begin to prepare to head back to school, emotions can range from excitement to nerves. But with the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic looming over the return to school, feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety may be heightened for many.

Having some tips and strategies to help youth navigate some of the complicated emotions they may be facing with going back to school can be helpful for planning and for everyone’s mental health and well-being.

Here are some resources for helping youth to cope with anxiety while going back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research summaries provide ease-of-access to teen dating violence research – August 2020

Looking for an easy way to get caught up on the latest in teen dating violence research? Up-to-date, empirical research has a critical role to play in the practice of Teen Dating Violence intervention programs, and PREVNet aims to support ease-of-access to this research.

A number of cutting-edge research articles have been selected for their direct applicability to our Community of Practice projects, and two-page summaries have been generated from each article. Each month, we’ll feature four of these plain-language summaries in a blog post. Whether you are a part of PREVNet’s Community of Practice Addressing Youth Dating Violence, or a parent, caregiver, or educator, these research summaries will provide you with the crucial information needed for teen dating violence awareness and intervention.

You can view all of our research summaries here, or keep reading to see the featured articles for August.

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