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In the News

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Share PSAs Celebrating Great Futures

PREVNet Partner Organization, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, launched a creative new public service announcement campaign celebrating the impact of Boys and Girls Clubs on the lives of 3 accomplished alumni.

Canadian Women's Foundation Studies the Importance of Role Models

A recent study by PREVNet Partner Organization, the Canadian Women's Foundation, found that role models play an important part in developing girls' confidence.

Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt Q&A: Why some victims become bullies

PREVNet and University of Ottawa researcher, Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt discusses findings that show victims are more likely to move to become bullies than bullies are to become victims in this recent piece by the Ottawa Citizen.

PREVNet Unveils Facts and Tools for Schools

Last week, in conjunction with Bullying Awareness Week, Dr. Debra Pepler (York University) and Dr. Wendy Craig (Queen's University) unveiled a new toolkit for educators and school administrators.  The Facts and Tools for Schools toolkit includes over 100 pages of information to support on going bullying prevention across Ontario.

The resource also includes a definition for bullying, outlining what bullying is, what the various forms of bullying are, the difference between bullying, aggression and teasing, and how educators can identify these three areas.

Read Exchange Magazine's full article

Project Seeks to Help Parents Raise Caring, Respectful, and Ethical Children

Experts in the areas of social and emotional learning, character development, and moral development have come together on Harvard's Making Caring Common project and have developed a list of guidelines to raising caring, respectful, and ethical children. Helpful tips for parents to take action accompany each guideline, and it is the project's aim that these guidelines will help parents raise children who can empathize with others and take responsibility for others, creating healthier relationships for improved success and happiness in their adult lives. See Tips.

PREVNet's Scientific Co-Directors, Dr. Wendy Craig and Dr. Debra Pepler, win 2014 SSHRC Partnership Award

PREVNet's Scientific Co-Directors, Dr. Wendy Craig and Dr. Debra Pepler, win 2014 SSHRC Partnership Award. PREVNet's partnerships are putting knowledge into action to help prevent bullying.

Kids Help Phone Provides a Supportive Ear to Children and Youth in Newfoundland and Labrador

PREVNet Partner Organization Kids Help Phone provides a supportive ear to children and youth across in Newfoundland and Labrador during World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2014 and all year round.

Canadian Red Cross Launches Raffle to Help End Bullying

The Canadian Red Cross has launched the Red Cross Campaign for Kids Raffle, with proceeds going to help Saskatchewan students learn how to address and prevent bullying.

Respect in Sport Parent Program being implemented in Winnipeg Hockey after brawl

PREVNet Partner Organization Respect Group Inc. implements Respect in Sport Parent Program in Hockey Winnipeg after a brawl that involved players, coaches and referees at a game between 12-year-old hockey teams in February, 2014.

New Globe and Mail Video for Parents featuring Dr. Debra Pepler

Available from the Globe and Mail's website, Dr. Pepler goes on camera to share constructive ways to talk with your kids about bullying.


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