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UNICEF Canada launches its One Youth Campaign


In today’s society, one in five Canadian children lives in poverty, one in four are obese, and one in seven are bullied. Despite the common conception of Canada as an equal, and fruitful nation for children to grow up, Canada currently ranks 25th in overall child and youth well-being, based on 21 fundamental measures, among 41 countries. Some of these measures have improved in the past decade, but more have declined. It is time to do something as a nation, together.  

Thus, this summer, UNICEF Canada launched its One Youth media campaign, a national initiative focused on better supporting the children and of Canada. One Youth was developed with youth and was informed by hundreds of Canadians who said Canada should “get to number one” at the top of league tables of child well-being – by closing equity gaps and achieving better outcomes. The core campaign features Canadian celebrities speaking out to the nation’s current predicament in the “Canada, We Need to Talk” video.

As part of the campaign’s mandate to engage the public, One Youth needs your feedback on its “Youth-Centred Designed (YCD)” Toolkit, which provides tools and techniques to include child and youth voices in the development of meaningful programming that reflects the real needs of today’s kids. You can test the prototype toolkit here.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news, quizzes, and how you can support the campaign, please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/oneyouthcanada/.

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