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What is Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week?

November 17-23, 2019 is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, dedicated to helping promote safe schools and a positive learning environment.

This week, we’re encouraging students, school staff, and caregivers to learn more about bullying and its effects on student learning and well-being. Our blog series will help you and your students get the most out of this important week!

Each day will focus on building knowledge about healthy relationships and an activity to put that learning into practice. Some of our favorites include a classroom quiz on bullying, a role-playing activity focusing on compassion, and getting creative to brainstorm strategies to stand up to bullying.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week represents an opportunity for educators to discuss the importance of healthy relationships and fostering a positive school climate. The blog will also feature 10 simple ways that educators can help prevent bullying – during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week and every week during the year. We are proud to support educators and the important work you do!


What is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week?
During Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week (BAPW) educators are encouraged to plan activities and launch initiatives that heighten awareness of bullying and its impact on the school community. Download our first BAPW tip sheet to learn more. 

When Does Teasing Become Bullying? 
Teasing can be positive because it shows closeness, affection, and familiarity. At the same time, teasing can alienate, criticize, and embarrass. Download this tip sheet to learn more about the differences between teasing and bullying and what leaders can do to prevent bullying and keep relationships positive.

Quiz: What is Bullying?
As an activity, give your class a quiz about bullying. This is a good opportunity to have an open discussion with your class to determine how much they know about bullying and their thoughts on the subject.

Coming Up This Week:

Tuesday: Bullying and the Brain
Wednesday: Cyberbullying
Thursday: Why Bullying Prevention Policy Matters
Friday: Fun Activities for Youth, Caregivers, and Educators  

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