The Centre for Civic Religious (CCRL) is a non-religious non-profit that aims to foster understanding about religious, spiritual, and non-religious beliefs in all sectors of Canadian society. To promote social cohesion, we offer professional development training, courses, workshops, and resources on civic religious literacy. We work with public sector, private sector, and in K-12 educational settings. 

This work across Canada stems from our team of award-winning researcher-educators who specialize in the topic of religious literacy – a framework to discuss and understand the influence of beliefs and belief communities (religious and non-religious) throughout history and all aspects of society. To ensure our work is relevant and locally-based, we cater all our educational resources and services to the specific industry/sector and province/region we work with. We also work with researchers, policy makers, educators, community leaders, and various national and local non-profit and governmental bodies to ensure local community voices are included in all our training.

With PREVNet, we aim to address identity-based bullying and violence as it relates to religion, spirituality, and non-religions, and its intersection with other aspects of identity.


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