PractiQuest interactive stories and language arts activities provide an evidence based approach to bullying prevention that has been vetted and studied by PREVNet. Includes the "Choose your own adventure" genre of adventure stories where students must make decisions and explore consequences in virtual worlds. To complete the missions, students must learn about bullying, explore social cues, friendship skills and skills at minimizing conflict. The discussion guides are language arts based so that teachers can easily embed them into writing and reading activities. The activities are mostly narrated and include adaptations for students who struggle with reading.

There are roughly 100 activities included. Many activities are in French. The program is Smartboard certified and runs on mainstream personal computers (Mac/PC) and projectors. The character education component includes roughly 30 different traits allowing students to create comic strips, billboards and a host of other fun media while practising narrative, reflective, descriptive and persuasive writing.


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