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Bullying Awareness Week Campaign for Canada

Family Channel kicks off 11th anniversary Stand Up! Campaign for Bullying Awareness Week

The Family Channel is dedicated to celebrating family life and providing a fun experience for all viewers. Focusing on quality content, the commercial-free network airs a unique mix of series, movies, and specials, with a large portion of programming supplied by Disney. The website offers information on shows and schedules, videos, interactive games, fun contests, message boards and more for today’s tech savvy youth. With a strong and established audience, the Family Channel offers the perfect platform for PREVNet in its mission to distribute only the best, evidence-based research and information on violence and bullying prevention.

PREVNet has worked with the Family Channel on Bullying Awareness Week (BAW) since 2003 as part of our mission to create a social marketing campaign to provide knowledge, strategies, and tools that will empower children to prevent bullying. PREVNet helped craft the messaging in the Family Channel’s Stand UP! Campaign, based on research indicating the important role of bystanders in stopping bullying. The StandUP! Campaign has an impressive list of resources for the 2013 BAW, including an updated comprehensive Teacher’s Guide created by PREVNet. This guide includes advice to share with students about bullying, classroom activities to encourage inclusiveness and respect, and daily activities for Bullyingy Awareness Week November 18 - 24.  The guide also contains information resources and tipsheets for teachers

The Standup! Website has tip sheets for students, teachers, and parents, all designed to promote inclusive and supportive classrooms. Resources also include a Cyberbullying Tip Sheet, and information on the difference between teasing and bullying.

The 2013 StandUP! Campaign also features a new music video and links to bullying themes episodes of Family Channel shows.

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