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Volume 6 Issue 4 November 2013 Bullying Awareness Week Edition

Welcome to this special Bullying Awareness Week edition of PREVspectives.

Although there is increased focus on bullying from November 18 – 24, the prevention of bullying and the promotion of healthy relationships is an ongoing challenge. PREVNet and its 55 youth-serving organization partners are committed to providing evidence-based knowledge, tools and strategies that can be used all year long in schools, organizations, the community, and the home – everywhere children live, play, learn and work.

In this edition of PREVspectives we highlight some of the initiatives our partners have planned for Bullying Awareness Week. Although many of these events will be launched during this week, they will all have long lasting effects. The Family Channel’s updated Teacher’s Guide in English and French is a good example.

We’re also excited about the launch of two new web pages at www.prevnet.ca. PREVNet’s BEST (Bullying Evaluation and Strategies Tool) is an evidence-based, online diagnostic and assessment tool that can help create a healthy, positive learning environment in schools. We have also developed a Bullying Policy and Legislation web page that outlines how the law deals with bullying in each province or territory as well as the rights and responsibilities of parents and educators.

Also in this edition, we introduce the French language version of our popular handbook, “Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need to Know” and tell you about MyHealth Magazine’s 30 Day Challenge. We highlight the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Violence Prevention Portal and a FREE webinar featuring two of our partners, WITS and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

We hope you find this special Bullying Awareness Week edition of PREVspectives interesting and informative, and as always, we’re happy to hear what you think. You can email us at prevnet@queensu.ca.

Debra Pepler and Wendy Craig

In this issue:

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