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Heroes Inspire Heroes: New PREVNet PSA

We're pleased to launch our new PSA, "Heroes Inspire Heroes"!

The short film, developed by our National Youth Advisory Committee and Sandbox Photovideo, aims to spread the message that adults have the power to inspire the young people in their lives through everyday actions. 

At PREVNet, we conduct research and work with organizations across Canada, with the goal of promoting young people's healthy relationships and positive behaviours. Our research and experiences tell us that consistent, positive role models are essential for young people's social development.

One big sit-down conversation or school assembly isn't enough to change behaviours. Rather, promoting positive behaviours should be an ongoing process, where kids learn through observation, experiences, and feedback what healthy relationships look like.

"Decades of research show that young people learn from watching the adults in their lives," says Dr. Wendy Craig, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director and Professor of Psychology at Queen's University. "Parents and other adults have the ability to support young people's healthy social development by modelling kind, helpful, and compassionate behaviours."

If we want kids to act respectfully, compassionately, and ethically, they need to see us acting respectfully, compassionately, and ethically. 

For more about how we developed this PSA, check out our blog post here.

Video transcript:

What makes a hero a hero?”

Every hero has their mission: To stand for good. To inspire strength. And to use their powers the best they know how.

A hero seeks out wrongs and makes them right.

But a hero never works alone.

It’s not just what makes a hero, but who.

Kids follow their heroes.

A hero leads by example. Heroes inspire heroes.

Everybody can be someone’s hero. To find out more about how you can inspire a child in your life, visit PREVNet.ca and help us #SpreadKindness.

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