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Dr. Debra Pepler, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, gives a TedX York University Talk: "How Can We Grow Healthy Children?"

Dr. Debra Pepler, PREVNet's scientific co-director, was invited to speak at the TedX York University series on March 4th 2014. In her talk, "How Can We Grow Healthy Children?" Dr. Pepler shares her wealth of learning as a distinguished professor and world-renowned researcher in the field of child psychology. 

Dr. Pepler explains the critical importance of healthy relationships on the genes, and developing minds of children. She'll share the latest research on brain development and how violence and aggression can lead to physical, life long changes that leave children at risk for physical and mental health issues even as they grow into adulthood. You'll be surprised, and probably shocked to see how poorly Canadian children rank compared to other children in wealthy countries. While we are strong on education measures, our children are far behind left in regards to bullying prevention and healthy relationships with parents & peers. Today, more than ever, children and youth are in desperate need of healthy relationship models. 

There is something we can do: all adults have a role to play in ensuring all children have healthy and safe relationships. it is up to adults to help children learn from their social mistakes, correct their behaviour, and teach them to interact in a more positive manner. It does take a village to raise a child.


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