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Having Regular Family Dinners Helps Protect our Kids

In a recent Globe and Mail article by Kat Seiniuc, Dr. Frank Elgar speaks about the reasons behind a McGill study's findings that adolescents who take part in more frequent family dinners are less prone to suffer from increased anxiety, depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts and substance-use when faced with cyberbullying, than those who took part in fewer family dinners. “Checking in with teenagers [at dinner] about their online lives can be beneficial – it gives them opportunities to talk about problems that they’re facing and ways of coping with them,” Dr. Elgar said.  PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director and a co-author, Dr. Wendy Craig, also points out that the quality of the family interaction is more important than the quantity, “It’s not just time spent, it’s about time spent focusing on one another and focusing on each other’s lives. It’s not just a catch up between events, it’s actually making a deliberate time where you come together.”  Read the full article.

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