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In the News

“Roasting” is the New Cyberbullying

PREVNet partner researcher Dr. Debra Pepler and partner organization MediaSmarts discuss “roasting” as the newest form of cyberbullying among children and youth in Canada. They state that inviting hurtful comments encourages cyberbullying behaviour. 

Teens Took a Social Media Break, Revealed Power of Connection

When six teenagers participated in the "Disconnection Challenge", run by PREVNet partner researcher Valerie Steeves, they rediscovered the power of connection with one another, their family and friends. They also reported sleeping better and spending more time outside.

Symposium Calls for Youth Mental Health Services

Over 200 delegates met in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island to draft a call to action for providing increased child and youth mental health services in Atlantic Canada. PREVNet partner researcher Leena Augimeri presented tools and information to promote youth mental health. 

UNICEF: Children and Youth Are Experts of Well-Being

Canada ranks 25th out of 41 rich countries when it comes to child well-being. New research suggests that they key to improving our ranking is by engaging in conversations with children and youth about their own well-being. Across Canada, children and youth identified new aspects of well-being that existing data largely overlooks. 

Making Teen Healthy Relationships Programs Even Stronger

PREVNet is excited to be a part of the Building the Field of Teen Healthy Relationships project in partnership with the Canadian Women's Foundation to promote teen healthy relationships. This project brings together staff, researchers, academics, and youth themselves to discuss teen healthy relationship programming.

New Bullying Study at the University of Regina

A doctoral student at the University of Regina is beginning a new study on treating the harmful effects of bullying into adulthood through a trauma perspective. She is currently recruiting participants for a 12 session study that seeks to understand the treatment of bullying as trauma. 

Rebuilding Self-Esteem After Bullying

How can parents support their children in rebuilding self-esteem after they experience bullying? PREVNet partner researchers Joanne Cummings and Tony Volk discuss strategies with Today's Parent

Research Matters Bullying Trivia Contest

Can research stop bullying? It already has. Find out how Ontario research has reduced bullying and enter to win with Research Matters! #StayCurious

New Videos For Parents From MediaSmarts

MediaSmarts has released two new videos for parents just in time for summer. These videos help parents discuss social media use with teens and they cover topics involving excessive use and privacy concerns. 

More Guidance Counsellors Needed in Canada’s Schools to Prevent Cyberbullying

PREVNet partner researcher and former chair of the Nova Scotia Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying, Wayne MacKay discusses the importance of providing school staff to prevent bullying and cyberbullying. 


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