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In the News

PREVNet Researcher Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt speaks to Global News on how Bullying can negatively affect a victim's brain

"Bullying can not only affect a teenager’s everyday life but can negatively affect both their memory and ability to deal with stress in a healthy manner says Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt from the University of Ottawa."

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PREVNet Graduate Student Harrison Oakes

Mentioned in the Winnipeg Free Press - Vigils honour Amanda, condemn harassment

"They lit candles, shared their thoughts and collectively took a quiet stand against the kind of torment that caused a British Columbia teen to take her own life."

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PREVNet Graduate Student Harrison Oakes speaks to CBC Canada

Man. Amanda Todd vigil supports anti-bully message

"A sombre candlelight vigil on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature honours Amanda Todd and other victims of bullying."

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PREVNet Graduate Student Harrison Oakes speaks to the Winnipeg Free Press

Online anti-bullying guide helps educators help kids

"For Harrison Oakes, bullying is more than academic. He was bullied as a teenager to the point where he tried to kill himself. Now 28 years old and a third-year psychology student at the University of Winnipeg, Oakes let his adolescent despair motivate his desire to help other teens before they suffer the tragic fate of Amanda Todd."

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Dr. Wendy Craig speaks to CTV News

Putting an end to Bullying, NDP MP Calls for National Strategy

Watch the video.

Dr. Wendy Craig in the Alberni Valley Times

Fighting Bullying is Everyone's Responsibility

"Despite all the awareness raised around the issue, bullying remains worse than ever among Canadian youth."

Dr. Joanne Cummings on Why Bullying Matters on rabble.ca

"When I was around 10 and 11 years old, at an old fashioned Jewish summer camp, I found myself surrounded on all sides by bullies -- people who I'd thought were my friends who turned out to make great sport of moving my mattress, while I soundly slept, from the summer camp cabin all the way to the docks where the canoes and kayaks were."

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PREVNet Researcher Dr. Shelley Hymel speaks to the Toronto Star

Amanda Todd: Suicidal teen talked to her mother about death

"Amanda Todd was sick in bed for two days but checked in with her mother, who was at work, before deciding to end her life last week."

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PREVNet Partner, Canada Safety Council

Today's Timely Tips: Put an end to cyber bullying.

"The suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd has focused national and international attention on cyber bullying and the need for awareness, education and intervention."

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