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In the News

Cyberbullying is a different kind of bullying, requiring a different kind of approach by parents.

From Canada.com - PREVNet's Dr. Wendy Craig offers expert advice to parents whose children may be engaging in or encountering risky online behaviours like cyberbulllying.

Protecting Canadian Families Online - Primus Survey Results Released

The results of Primus' Protecting Canadian Families Online survey show that a surprising half of Canadian parents are concerned their child could be cyberbullying others. Working with Primus, PREVNet has provided tips and strategies for parents to help keep their families safe and educated about harmful online behaviours like cyberbullying.

Dr. Wendy Craig in the Globe and Mail

PREVNet's Dr. Wendy Craig offers thoughts on recent findings by CAMH study which reports bullying rates falling in Ontario. 

PREVNet Partner, Companies Committed to Kids Releases New Mental Health Campaign

PREVNet partner, Companies Committed to Kids (CCK) has launched a parent-focused national awareness campaign on children's mental wellness.

Dr. Danielle Quigley speaks to CBC Radio's All In A Day about the importance of science in bullying prevention programs

CBC Radio's All In a Day interviewed Dr. Danielle Quigley, PREVNet's post doctoral fellow to discuss the importance of research in bullying prevention programs.

Dr. Quigley raises important points including that 15% of existing programs make the problem worse. With only 1/3 of programs being effective, a full 2/3 are inneffective with some creating further problems.

Dr. Debra Pepler, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, Interviewed in The Vancouver Sun

Dr. Debra Pepler spoke to The Vancouver Sun about the importance of teaching empathy in school in bullying prevention. 


"In our society, if a child has trouble in school, we give thme tutoring, we back them up. But if a kid lashes out or is highly anxious and withdrawn, we don't do that. We don't help children solve the much more complex social problems that they face. We exclude them, we take them out of class."


PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, Dr. Wendy Craig speaks in Regina - "Bullying Prevention: What You Need to Know"

Dr. Wendy Craig, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director will give a public presentation in Regina on Wednesday March 27th - "Bullying Prevention: What You Need to Know". This public event is geared to parents and is sponsored by PREVNet partners - The Canadian Red Cross.



PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, Dr. Wendy Craig in The Globe and Mail

Dr. Wendy Craig, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, has a tip for family doctors looking to help patients struggling with mental health issues linked to bullying. Read what she has to say in this Globe and Mail article on family doctors and their role in helping children and youth.

PREVNet's Scientific Director, Dr. Wendy Craig Speaks with Clara Hughes

PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, Dr. Wendy Craig, took part in Clara's Big Ride in Kingston. Olympian Clara Hughes is currently biking across Canada - 110 day event - and stopping in various communities on her route to discuss mental health in Canada. 


Dr. Debra Pepler, PREVNet's Scientific Co-Director, gives a TedX York University Talk: "How Can We Grow Healthy Children?"

Dr. Debra Pepler, PREVNet's scientific co-director, was invited to speak at the TedX York University series on March 4th 2014. In her talk, "How Can We Grow Healthy Children?" Dr. Pepler shares her wealth of learning as a distinguished professor and world renowned researcher in the field of child psychology.


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