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Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need To Know

Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need To Know

This free to download, comprehensive book “Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need to Know” takes an authoritative research-based look at bullying and tells parents what they can do to prevent bullying at all age and school levels.

The book is a collaboration between three of the top experts in the study and implementation of bullying prevention:

Dr. Wendy Craig, a professor at Queens University in Ontario, Canada and Scientific Director of PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network.) Dr. Craig works with the WHO (World Health Organization), has published over 80 scientific articles and regularly speaks on healthy relationships to parents, educators and professionals working with young people.

Dr. Debra Pepler is a Distinguished Research Professor at York University (Toronto), and Co-Founder of PREVNet. She is a consultant for the SNAP program for aggressive girls and their parents and has worked with groups focusing on parenting and safe schools policies.

Dr. Joanne Cummings, who has been involved in studying and implementing bullying prevention since 1995, is a popular public speaker and works with children and parents in her clinical practice as well as being the Director of Knowledge Mobilization at PREVNet.

Download your free PDF copy here


We are pleased to provide this book at no cost to the public. If you found this resource helpful, please consider making a donation to support PREVNet's continued research and future resources on healthy relationships and bullying and violence prevention for children and youth.

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