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Peace Grantmakers Network

The Peace Grantmakers Network (PGN) is a group of philanthropic foundations, individual donors, and corporate and institutional partners working collaboratively in support of applied peace efforts PGN aims to make peace a more widely known and better-supported area of philanthropy, not as a political endeavor, but as a constructive field geared to the creation of a more harmonious and non-violent society.

Even though peace is a widely-shared value among Canadians, and despite there being many worthwhile grassroots peace initiatives in Canada, peace as an object of philanthropy remains underdeveloped. PGN works to:

  • Raise awareness amongst potential donors of grassroots organizations working for peace.
  • Promote the value of applied peace work.
  • Foster greater collaboration among actors involved in all levels of applied peace work, and better coordinate their efforts in a manner that maximizes efficiency, effectiveness, and synergy.
  • Actively participate in the development of applied peace initiatives, especially when unsatisfied needs are identified.
Peace Grantmakers Network
C.P. 32255 Saint-André
H2L 4Y5
(438) 380-8224

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