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Dr. Leena Augimeri

Dr. Leena Augimeri
Director, Centre for Children Committing Offences & Adjunct Assistant Professor OISE/University of Toronto

Leena K. Augimeri is the Director of Program Development and Centre for Children Commit-ting Offences at the Child Development Institute (CDI) in Toronto, Canada and Adjunct Assistant Professor and Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto. CDI is a community-based multi-service organization specializing in services for children under 12 years of age. Dr. Augimeri oversees, coordinates and participates in all research and program development activities at CDI and is responsible for all national and international development activities regarding the Institutes model interventions for children with conduct problems (i.e., SNAP™ Models: Under 12 Outreach Project, Girls Connection and SNAP™ for Schools). This scientist-practitioner’s life work over the past 22 years has focused on the development of a comprehensive model for young children engaged in offending behaviour and children with disruptive behaviour problems at home, school and in the community. She was a member of OJJDP’s Study Group on Very Young Offenders and a contributing author to its volume.  Her specialization is in gender sensitive interventions, risk assessment tools and police-community protocols. She is the co-founder/developer of the longest empirically based intervention for boys under 12 years of age in conflict with the law, the SNAP™ Under 12 Outreach Project which has received the highest effectiveness model designation - Level 1 by Helping America’s Youth and an EXEMPLARY rating by OJJDP’s Model Program Guides.

A noted author, researcher and skilled group leader, Dr. Augimeri co-authored the Early Assessment Risk List for Boys (EARL-20B) and Girls (EARL-21G) which have been translated in various languages and used around the world to assess risk for future offending in young children. She is also known for chairing a task force, which led to the development of Canada’s first protocol for children under 12 in conflict with the law, subsequently assisted other communities in developing similar protocols. Her interest is in the treatment of antisocial behaviour in children, the early identification of chronic delinquency, differences in treatment outcomes, treatment responsivity issues and program evaluation. In 2005, she was presented with the Child Welfare League of Canada’s Outstanding Achievement Research and Evaluation Award and in 2007 elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Experimental Criminology.

Centre for Children Committing Offences, Child Development Institute
46 St. Clair Gardens
M6E 3V4
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