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Dr. Lynda Colgan

Associate Professor, Elementary Mathematics Education, Coordinator of Education Community Outreach Centre, Faculty of Education

Lynda Colgan, PhD, is a mathematics educator at The Faculty of Education, Queen’s University.  Lynda’s career in education began in Scarborough, Ontario where she taught at many schools including Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate and Eastview Elementary School. Since then her roles have been many: district-wide computer consultant and mathematics coordinator; researcher; professor; columnist; textbook author; children’s non-fiction book author and developer of educational television programming. Lynda is the recipient of two national awards: The Marshall MacLuhan Distinguished Teacher Award and The Partners in Research Mathematics Ambassador Award. Her research, creative work and teaching has also been distinguished by awards at the provincial, local and institutional level. Her current research interests include parents as partners in mathematics education, community-university research and knowledge mobilization partnerships, and non-traditional approaches to mathematics instruction. Her creative interests include informal mathematics learning through the arts, children’s literature, and, media, culture and technology.  

Faculty of Education, Queen's University
511 Union Street, Duncan McArthur Hall, Room A363
K7M 5R7
(613) 533-6000, ext. 75553
(613) 533-6057

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