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Healthy Relationships Training Module

Healthy Relationships Training Module

The Healthy Relationships Training Module fills a gap in the formal training of all adults who work with children and youth. We cannot assume that in the absence of explicit training, adults will have the ability to form healthy relationships with all young people, to create healthy social climates, and to address bullying. This is often not the case.

PREVNet has the answer – The Healthy Relationships Training Module (HRTM). The HRTM gives adults the training they need to help young people develop healthy social skills. It emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships between adults, between adults and youth, and between youth, and prevents unhealthy relationships and violence among people of all ages.

The HRTM is evidenced-based and was co-created by PREVNet, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, Canadian Red Cross and Scouts Canada, and was funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.  In the past year, more than 700 participants from over 30 different child and youth serving organizations have attended the HRTM workshop.

In-person Workshop

The workshop has been shown to significantly improve workshop attendees’ knowledge and confidence  in how to promote healthy relationships with children and youth.

If you are interested in hosting a Healthy Relationships Training Module for your organization, please contact PREVNet for more information or check our events page to find out when PREVNet is offering its PREVNet’s Healthy Relationships Training Module workshop.

Online Modules 

Module 1: Basics of a Healthy Relationship
Module 2: Power in Relationships
Module 3: Peer Dynamics and Bullying
Module 4: Strategies to Promoting Healthy Relationships
Module 5: Creating Healthy Group and Social Climates

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