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Program Dissemination & Evaluation

PREVNet is pleased to share two new guides created by Dr. Debra Pepler, Dr. Naomi Andrews and Miriam Miller. French versions of these guides will be posted on our website as well in late summer 2019.

A Guide to Program Dissemination

Did you develop a program you want to share? PREVNet’s, A Guide to Program Dissemination is a great tool to get you started.

Who is the guide for? Anyone who has created a program that others could benefit from.

How will this guide help you? It breaks down the steps to make sure you have the right audience and training in order to deliver and share your program.

Interested in learning more about Indigenous approaches to program evaluation? PREVNet’s guide provides resources and insight on research with Indigenous communities.

There is no one way to share your program, but the guide is a great stepping-stone.

Download Here: English Français


A Guide to Program Evaluation

Do you have a developed program and want to know if it works? PREVNet’s A Guide to Program Evaluation has tips to begin your evaluation.

Why does your program need evaluation? To understand how your program works and what impact it may have.

How will this guide help you? It breaks down steps involved in program evaluation and what do with the findings.

Trying to decide if you need a research partner? PREVNet’s guide provides perspective on working with a research partner to implement program evaluation.

Program evaluation is important to asses the impact of a program, and the guide is a great first step to improve evaluations. 

Download Here: English Français


See also the downloadable infographic and logic model below for more information.

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