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Webinar: The Edge of Compassion: Self-Care Strategies

Webinar Presented February 24 2020 by Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP., CCC.  
Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Executive Director, TEND

Repeated exposure to chronically difficult stories can strain our sense of empathy for others. We can become hardened and desensitized to suffering – or conversely, we can feel easily swallowed up by pain and suffering. This erosion can be further magnified by limited resources, chronic exposure and “red tape.”  Professionals and individuals working in high-stress environments can learn how to shield themselves while remaining able to experience compassion for those who turn to them for support and resources. Inspired by Françoise Mathieu’s recent Tedx Talk, this webinar explores the tools required to develop "exquisite empathy" and the ability to rapidly return to a healthy baseline while working in challenging, high volume environments.

What will you learn:

  • Five factors that increase the risk of burnout and secondary traumatic stress
  • How to develop Exquisite Empathy
  • 10,000 Buddhist Monks: Dual awareness and remaining calm and fully engaged during a stressful event
  • Four Strategies for daily Resetting



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