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Our latest PREVNet Series: Volume 4 is now available!

Volume 4 of the PREVNet Book Series is now available! Exclusively through PREVNet.This volume is based on PREVNet conference proceedings and represents the work of leading researchers and professionals in the field of bullying prevention and the development of healthy relationships. Featuring fifteen chapters, this volume comprises three sections on social justice, best practices in programming to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying and the promotion of healthy relationships for Aboriginal children and youth. 

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Also Available to order:

Volume 1, Understanding and Addressing Bullying: An International Perspective 

Volume 2, Rise Up for Respectful Relationships: Prevent Bullying.

Volume 3, Creating a World Without Bullying 

Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need To Know

This free to download, comprehensive book “Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need to Know” takes an authoritative research-based look at bullying and tells parents what they can do to prevent bullying at all age and school levels. Learn more

PREVNet Book Series

The PREVNet series currently has four volumes, all of which feature the most current research findings from leading Canadian scholars and practitioners. Their chapters provide understanding and guidance to help readers consider their roles in shaping healthy relationships and supporting healthy development in all the places where children and youth are found. Learn more

Other Publications

PREVNet has compiled a number of published resources that may be useful, which have been categorized by the following: for children/youth, for parents, for professionals and cyberbullying. Learn More

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