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Tip Sheets

Practical tips and strategies to use at home and in the classroom

Download the following PDF information sheets.

For Teachers

Classroom Activities

  • Word Search: Complete this word search about ways to help someone who is being bullied.
  • Bullying Quiz: Test your knowledge with this quick and easy quiz about bullying.
  • Comic Strip: Students can create their own bullying storyline showing the best way to resolve the problem.
  • Crossword: Challenge students to complete this bullying-themed crossword to learn more about the topic.
  • Create your own PSA: Create your own bullying awareness public service announcement with these step-by-step guidelines.
  • Cyberbullying Word Jumble: Unscramble these phrases that are associated with cyberbullying.
  • Draw a Picture: Draw a picture for Bullying Awareness Week and hang it up in your classroom!
  • Write a Letter: Write a letter to someone who is important to you about how to STAND UP! to bullying.

For Parents

For Kids and Teens

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