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Bullying Prevention: Facts & Tools for Schools

girls in school hallPREVNet is pleased to release Bullying Prevention: Factsheets and Tools for Schools, Give us your feedback on this toolour latest comprehensive resource for educators and school adminstrators. This resource, created with the guidance of the Ontario Ministry of Education comprises Fact Sheets and Tools to support your ongoing bullying prevention and safe and accepting school efforts at your school.

Below, you will find quick links to all the factsheets and tools found within the full PDF document.

NEW: Click here for the Fact Sheets and Tools for Schools poster illustrating different ways to make use of this new resource!




Table of Contents


1. Introduction to Bullying Prevention Facts and Tools

2. Timeline Bullying Prevention & Safe and Accepting Schools Activities

Section 1: Education

1. Bullying Defined (Fact Sheet)

2. The Difference between Bullying, Aggression and Teasing (Fact Sheet)

3. Key Elements of a Whole School Approach to Prevent Bullying and Promote Healthy Relationships (Fact Sheet)

Section 2: Assessment

1. When and Where does Bullying Happen in Your School? Conducting an Environmental Scan (Fact Sheet)

2. Bullying Prevention Needs Assessment (Fact Sheet)

Section 3: Prevention and Intervention

1. Principles of Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Fact Sheet)

2. Scaffolding: Coaching Students Involved in Bullying (Fact Sheet)

3. Social Architecture: Supports for Positive Peer Dynamics (Fact Sheet)

4. Identifying Children and Youth at Risk (Fact Sheet)

5. Choosing an Evidence-Based Bullying Prevention Program (Fact Sheet)

6. Implementing a School Bullying Prevention Plan (Fact Sheet)

Section 4: Policy

1. Bullying Prevention School Plan and Procedures Checklist (Tool)

2. Roles and Responsibilities for a Safe and Accepting School Team (Fact Sheet)

3. Communicating and Disseminating the School’s Plan on Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Fact Sheet)




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