Kids who bully have power. And power can make you feel good. But how does the person being bullied feel?  They feel SCARED, hurt, EMBARRASSED, sad and ANGRY. Have you ever felt that way? Would you like to feel that way everyday? If you did, wouldn’t you want someone to help make it stop?

Are there other ways you can feel powerful without hurting others?

Show how powerful you really can be by changing your behaviour!


  • If you have been hurt before, bullying someone else won’t make you feel better.  You did not deserve to be hurt. We all deserve to feel safe.
  • Be a real leader – treat people with respect.
  • Be brave – apologize to the person you have bullied.
  • Are there any activities or sports you enjoy that make you feel good?
  • Just because other kids watch and laugh doesn’t mean they like it when you bully. They’re scared too.
  • Different doesn’t mean better or worse than you. It just means different.

If you are bullying others, ask an adult to help you stop. Bullying is serious and it is NEVER okay. YOU can make a difference. Choose what’s right.