The Sandbox Project works to unite and guide the many groups and individuals operating within Canada’s child and youth health sector by providing a forum in which diverse stakeholders can work together. The Sandbox Project fosters cooperation, collaboration and the sharing of best practices – helping the entire sector make real, tangible progress towards delivering on the promise of healthier children and youth.

The majority of Sandbox’s activities are driven by five multi-disciplinary working groups, each of which tackles a key focus area: 

  • The Environment
  • Growing Healthy Bodies
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mental Health, and;
  • The Young Canadians Roundtable on Health, a youth engagement and advocacy working group that represents the youth voice in discussions related to the above four areas 

In addition to supporting the working group activities, Sandbox provides several other key services and events that support the child and youth sector, including:

  • Hosting its annual awareness event, the World’s Largest Sandbox in Ottawa near Parliament Hill. Members of Parliament, Senators, Cabinet Ministers, media personalities and corporate stakeholders “spend the day in the sandbox” with our Collaborating Partner organizations and local children while raising awareness about the importance of investing in child and youth health and wellbeing.
  • Organizing its annual national conference, where experts and participants have the opportunity to network with their peers, engage in strategic multi-disciplinary discussions and tackle the sector’s biggest challenges.
  • Actively making connections throughout the child and youth health and wellbeing sectors. The Sandbox Project disseminates information and opportunities through our partner-centred blog, our monthly e-newsletter, and through social media. We strive to catalyze necessary conversations and build meaningful relationships to amplify our collective efforts and make a difference for Canada's kids.