The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness is a national, charitable organization that has served Canadians since 1993. The Centre’s mandate is to significantly reduce the incidence and impact of abuse through education and public awareness.CCAA operates solely on private donations with no sustaining funds from any government body.

Abuse is defined as any action which intrudes painfully or harmfully into the physical, psychological or social well-being of another person. The Centre is a national leader in the development of programs to prevent abuse, in advocating for the rights of those who have been abused, and in the creation of survivor-friendly ways of helping abuse victims find healing.

Addressing the issues of adults who were sexually abused as children is perhaps the area for which the Centre is best known. In 1998, CCAA established the program to address sex scandal at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto and is still managing it today.

With help from community and corporate partners, we also provide accessible support, healing and individual empowerment for adult survivors, their families and caregivers.

The CCAA continues to raise awareness about the true cost of neglect and abuse and supports over 130 organizations nationally, including children’s services, victims services, shelters and other agencies that deal with over 200,000 children, women and men whose lives have been affected by abuse.

CCAA offers a full and comprehensive array of program services to address the needs of both child and adult victims of abuse. Our programs give hope to abuse victims whose tragic circumstances and terror-filled lives have left them feeling helpless with nowhere to turn.

Our programs are available to a) Agencies and shelters across Canada that serve and/or house victims. b) Individuals recommended or referred by qualified frontline professionals that work with people who have been severely abused or neglected.