“We first came to know PREVNet through our shared passion to use our unique skills to contribute to the health and well-being of Canadian children and take an active role in violence prevention through character development. We are honoured to partner with them, to support and work with them for Knowledge Mobilization, and to promote relationships and eliminate violence through the Build Character, Build Success program (aka BCBS).

As a “for-profit” company, we may be an unlikely partner and unique voice of support for this, but we are enthusiastic. Wynford...Give Your People More™ is an employee engagement firm that creates business growth through employee reward, recognition and communication. We work with blue chip Canadian companies and have an established record of success. We are also a values-based corporation with an active commitment to corporate social responsibility, and are heavily engaged in the communities in which we operate.

Through our years of experience working with adults in the corporate world, we know that motivation works and we’re excited to be able to translate that knowledge by working with kids to help motivate and engage them in the Build Character, Build Success program. This program is the first in Wynford’s new series of corporate social responsibility initiatives that seeks to support children and build healthy communities. It is completely aligned with what we know to be true...our children are our future, so they must be our biggest and most important investment.”

Deborah Niven, President


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