Dr. Kathy Georgiades
Dr. Kathy Georgiades
Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University Associate Faculty, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies

Dr. Kathy Georgiades is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University and the Offord Centre for Child Studies. She holds the David R. (Dan) Offord Chair in Child Studies. Her program of research seeks to quantify and reduce disparities in mental health and academic achievement among vulnerable populations, particularly immigrant and refugee children and adolescents. Her research examines how individual and contextual level influences (i.e., family, school and community) independently and conjointly contribute to disparities early in the life course. Through this line of research, she hopes to inform the development and evaluation of preventative intervention programs designed to reduce social disparities in mental health and achievement. Kathy has received numerous recognitions for her research, including a New Investigator Fellowship from the Ontario Mental Health Foundation (OMHF), an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, and a CIHR New Investigator Award.

She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Oregon, Eugene. She completed a Clinical Internship in Pediatric Psychology at The Hospital for Sick Children and a post-doctoral fellowship in Child Psychiatric Epidemiology at the Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University.


Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences & Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University
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