Dr. Gordon Flett
Dr. Gordon Flett
Professor, Canada Researcher director, Faculty of Health, Department of Psychology, York University

Dr. Flett is most recognized for his seminal contributions to research and theory on the role of perfectionism in psychopathology. His collaborative work with Dr. Paul Hewitt of the University of British Columbia on perfectionism has received widespread national and international attention and has been the subject of numerous media stories, including coverage on CTV, CNN, and the BBC. This work has been supported by major research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Other current research interests include the study of personality predictors of postpartum depression in new mothers and new fathers. Also, in keeping with his interest in adjustment across the lifespan, Dr. Flett is conducting programatic research on the nature and correlates of suicidality in the elderly. Dr. Flett holds a Canada Research Chair in Personality & Health.


Dr. Flett's research interests include the role of personality factors in depression, health problems, and interpersonal adjustment. Research on perfectionism compares personal and interpersonal aspects of perfectionism, including perfectionistic self-presentation.  This research adopts a life-span perspective in the sense that the role of personality in health and mental health is studied in children, adolescents, middle-aged individuals, and the elderly." Other research examines the antecedents and consequences of maltreatment, and the role of risk and resilience factors in well-being.




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