Dr. Doug Symons
Dr. Doug Symons
Professor, Psychology Department

Dr. Doug Symons is a professor in the Psychology Department of Acadia University.  He holds degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and has been a registered psychologist since 1992.  His research and teaching at Acadia has focused on developmental and child-clinical psychology, and more specifically, attachment theory, parenting, and other aspects of socio-cognitive development.  Most recently, he has established an attachment- and sensitivity-based home intervention research project for highly disadvantaged families with young children in this rural area of Nova Scotia.  These families have had contact with child protection services due to concerns about child abuse and neglect, and the goal is to improve relationship quality and ultimately prevent further maltreatment of children.  This program is an example of how theory and research can translate into training and evidence-based practice in the domain of parenting.     


Psychology Department, Acadia University
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