Dr. Tony Volk
Dr. Tony Volk
Associate Professor, Department of Child and Youth Studies

Dr. Volk is a developmental psychologist interested in the area of parenting and child development. This is a broad area of research that lends itself to a broad scope of theoretical and methodological approaches. A strong believer in multidisciplinary studies, Dr. Volk's overall interest is to gain an evolutionary, neurological, medical, cultural, social, and historical understanding of why parents do what they do. Dr. Volk's degrees in biology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and developmental psychology reflect an effort to gain that comprehensive understanding. There are four main areas in which Dr. Volk focuses his primary research: infant-parent interactions, First Nations parenting, adolescent bullying (sports, gender, and cross-cultural), and the evolution of childhood.


Department of Child and Youth Studies, Brock University
CRN – 347, 500 Glenridge Avenue
K2S 3A1