Dr. Andrew Dane
Dr. Andrew Dane
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Andrew Dane is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Brock University, St. Catharines, Canada. He studies, writes and teaches on topics pertaining to aggressive behaviour, bullying, victimization, mental health, and developmental psychology. He attained his Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from the University of Toronto, and has provided psychoeducational assessments and therapy for children, adolescents and families in the Hospital for Sick Children of Toronto, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and Child and Adolescent Services of the City of Hamilton.His research interests are focused on aggressive and antisocial behaviour, as well as bullying and victimization, in children and adolescents. He has a particular interest in how temperament, social experiences with parents and peers, and psychological factors such as moral values and social-information processing, combine to differentially predict the emergence of various kinds of behavioural problems. More specifically, he has examined different pathways that children and adolescents follow toward engagement in overt (e.g., physical, verbal) and relational (e.g., social exclusion, rumour spreading) forms of aggression, as well as aggressive behaviour with proactive (e.g., goal-directed, premeditated, offensive) and reactive (provoked, emotional, defensive) functions. Furthermore, he has published research examining key differences between children and youth involved in bullying only versus those individuals who bully others but are also victims. He has also engaged in applied research that includes program evaluations of interventions or services provided by mental health centres, community centres, and children’s aid societies.


Department of Psychology, Brock University
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