You may think calling someone names can’t hurt as much as throwing a punch.  You would be wrong.  How does it sound when you put someone down? Try to imagine how you would feel if someone talked to you like the girls in this video.

Take Responsibility and Make Amends

How can you fix it when you’ve hurt someone? If you can’t walk up to the person you’ve hurt and apologize in person, apologize in writing. If you have damaged someone’s personal property because you were bullying them, replace it.

Speak to an adult you trust, or a counsellor at your school and ask for help to deal with your anger and the feelings that are behind the bullying. Sometimes, teens who bully have been hurt by others, talking about it helps. No one deserves to be bullied - everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect!

Seek out friendships that are positive and don’t encourage you to hurt others. Concentrate on activities and sports that you enjoy and are good at so you can use your power in positive ways.

Think Before You Bully – Your Future Could Depend On It

Bullying behaviour can lead to removal from sports teams, loss of privileges, school suspension or expulsion. Bullying can also result in criminal charges, possible jail time and a criminal record. Young people who bully often face severe depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Reach out for the help you need to change your behaviour now – before it’s too late.

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