Teens who bully use their power to hurt and intimidate others. When someone has the courage to intervene, there is a good chance the bullying will stop. It only takes one person to take a stand before others will follow their lead. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable approaching a teen who is being aggressive, there are other ways to make your voice heard. Talk to an adult you trust. Befriend the person who is being bullied by leading him or her away from the situation. Or, take a stand like the teen in this video.

Other ways to help

Fill out this anonymous letter and drop it off to a teacher, or coach or any other adult you trust.

Bullying can get worse and last longer the more people are watching or laughing. Don’t be a part of it! If you take away the audience, you take away the power from a teen who bullies.

  • Turn your back and find an adult who can stop it.
  • Don’t forward text messages, emails or photos that could hurt someone else.
  • Refuse to repeat rumours that could damage a teen’s reputation.