Dr. Melody Wiseheart
Dr. Melody Wiseheart
Professor, Department of Psychology

Melody Wiseheart is Associate Professor of Psychology and Executive Member of the LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research at York University. She heads the Cognitive Flexibility Lab at York University, which examines tools for improving learning, memory, cognitive flexibility, health, and well-being, through interventions such as arts, fitness, and meditation training and improved instructional design such as spaced review and regular retrieval practice and corrective test feedback. She has worked with clinical populations, including children and adults with ADHD, developmental amnesia, and chronic pain, in order to better understand cognition, health, and well-being in these populations, and she has examined the cognitive effects of bilingualism.

Melody is involved in issues of LGBT rights at York University, through membership in the Queer Caucus of the York University Faculty Association.


LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research, Deparment of Psychology, York University
242 Behavioural Science Building, 4700 Keele Street
M3J 1P3