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Teaching Resources to Prevent Identity-Based Bullying


These resources are designed to support educators as they learn more about identity-based bullying, and to help them have conversations with their students about identity-based bullying.

Before diving into the materials, please make sure to read: 

"Intro to Series" [English, French]


Power, Privilege, Oppression, and Intersectionality

Resources to help educators understand the concepts of power, privilege, oppression, and intersectionality and how they all relate to identity-based bullying.  The resources also include activities to help educators unpack these complex concepts with their students and a discussion guide to help with facilitation.


Development of Power and Aggression

Resources to help educators understand how youth learn to use power over the course of their lives, the difference between using power positively and negatively, and what educators can do to encourage the use of power positively.


Peer Structures

Resources to help educators understand how peer groups are formed, and how those peer groups can impact identity-based bullying, discussing concrete strategies educators can use to help ensure all students in their classrooms are included.


Peers as Allies

Resources to help educators understand how the youth in their classroom can become allies to support students who may be experiencing identity-based bullying.  The resources discuss various strategies educators can use to help students become allies in a way that is safe and comfortable for them.



Resources to help educators understand what bias is and how it can contribute to how people respond to identity-based bullying. The resources explain how biases are learned over time, and what we can do to identify and challenge our own biases.




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